About Us

Nick Andrisano was born and raised in New York City, wher his Italian parents and grandparents opened a pizza restaurant in 1931. In 1979, Nick moved to Los Angeles and opened 2 upscale dining establishments called Ameci Italian Cuisine. Nicks idea was to have the first “NEW YORK STYLE” Italian food delivery service in Southern California. Nick partnered with Angelo Falato in 1984 and began franchising Ameci pizzerias’ in 1987. Together they grew the company to over 40 stores.

In 1993 Frank Andrisano opened Ameci Pizza & Pasta in Manhattan Beach, Ca. Frank followed his family’s tradition in the restaurant business and opened a second location in Yorba Linda in 1997. While expanding upon his forefather’s wisdom he kept their core principal’s intact. Offers customers quality food and fast service at affordable prices.

In 2006 Frank founded Ameci Italian Kitchen and renamed the Manhattan Beach store. He rebuilt it and took time to rethink the entire operation from the ground up. With a clean slate his main focus was on product creation and restaurant design. Creating new healthy alternatives for customers, while at the same time giving them a more upscale environment. In 2007 the Yorba Linda Location was remodeled in the same fashion.

Implementing new technology has leaded the way to better customer service. Ameci Italian Kitchens’ goal is to serve its patrons with restaurant quality food in their own homes. This approach to quality and service has put Ameci Italian Kitchen at the forefront of the Italian Quick Service Industry. “For your Italian Ciao! call Ameci now!”